Great Cats World Park has supplied 60-70% of the worlds photography on big cats.

    Have you ever gone to a zoo to take pictures and you either can't find the animal and its always sleeping?  What about those fences always getting in the way of your shot?  How would you like to photograph cats without those  issues?  Great Cats offers photographers at all levels the chance to do just that.

In House Photo Shoots

  We offer you the rare opportunity to photograph some of the most endangered cats in the world.  

   Photo shoots last for 2 hours and you can photograph a minimum of 5 cats.  A keeper will go around with you getting the cats to demonstrate some of thier natural behaviors, from runs to climbs, snarles and growls.  All while safely separated from the cat.  Our enclosures have cut outs in them designed to fit a camera lens.  

Appointments are necessary and pricing is $275 per person. 

To book a photo session please call the park (541)592-2957

These also are great for gifts to the photo enthusiast in your life.