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Visitor Experiences


Guided Tours

Make the most of your trip to Great Cats World Park by taking a guided tour. Talk with our keeper, witness exciting demonstrations, and learn about our collection of exotic cats, all while getting an up close and personal look. Benches are located at each exhibit, so you may sit and enjoy the beauty of our exotic cats. Wheelchairs and strollers are also available at no cost. Tours are ongoing and rotating, so you are never late and never early for your personal tour. Take advantage of our group rates by visiting with family, friends, or co-workers. Groups of 15 or more benefit from a discounted rate and priority booking.

The Ultimate Fieldtrip

Looking for an educational way to entertain your students? Would you like to teach them about conservation and the importance of protecting wildlife? A field trip to Great Cats World Park will give you and your students the opportunity to learn and appreciate the rare and endangered cats of the world.

Our facility focuses on raising public awareness and support through educational demonstrations. Great Cats World Park has one of the largest (17+ species including tigers, leopards, jaguars, and servals) and rarest collections of wild cat species in the country. We are able to accomodate any group large or small and guarantee an experience that is as educational as it is entertaining.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff, with their hands on approach, is committed to ensuring that your students leave the park with a real understanding of the plight of the cats, and our up close and personal style will leave them smiling.These rare and magnificent creatures, our feline ambassadors, can turn this event into a once in a lifetime opportunity.

School Group Rates

Our school group rates are a $2.00 per person discount off our regular admission prices. Great Cats World Park can be open any day by appointment. For more information or to schedule your field trip, please email or call at (541) 592-2957.

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We offer you the rare opportunity to photograph some of the most endangered cats in the world. Photo shoots last for 2 hours and you can photograph a minimum of 5 cats. A keeper will go around with you getting the cats to demonstrate some of their natural behaviors, from runs to climbs, snarls and growls. All while safely separated from the cat. Our enclosures have cutouts in them designed to fit a camera lens.
The Great Cats World Park works with professional photographers, photography clubs and workshops, wildlife artists, and amateur photographers. Our feline ambassadors are trained to pose for the camera. They have appeared in books, calendars, on posters, postcards, as well as enhanced many magazine articles.
The park works with trained staff and felines. Although these animals are always wild, they are acclimated to being in front of groups of people and to behave appropriately. Training our felines ensures that all shoots are stress free for the animals and photographers.

Please book photography appointments at least 1 week in advance.

Appointments are necessary and pricing is $275* per person.

To book an in-house photo session please call the park at (541) 592-2957. These also are great for gifts to the photo enthusiast in your life.

*We do advise that photographers be in relatively good physical condition, as the cats do run up towards the fence while you take your photos. Photographers take responsibility for their equipment, clothing, and safety while shooting photos of exotic felines. The park requires all participants to sign a Liability Release Form and recommend they carry their own accidental/medical insurance.


Need an exotic animal for your commercial, documentary, or feature film? The park works hard to maintain a high standard of animal care and safety in the entertainment industry. We can provide quality performances from our animal actors by working closely with the producers to keep your production budget, on time and safe. Contact us for a quote.

Special Events & Parties

Think of having your next party/special event at the most unique wild animal park you can find! Our facility is available for Birthday Parties, Safari Themed Dinners, Halloween, Christmas, Weddings, Concerts, Art Shows and many other functions! You can even rent the entire facility for the day!

Some of our local events include:
  • Halloween Celebration
  • Annual Easter Egg Hunt - Search the park for hidden eggs.
  • Illinois Valley Community Appreciation Day - Local residence can tour half the park at a huge discount!

Check out our Facebook page for a complete list of upcoming events!

Traveling Stage Show

Looking for a way to attract a crowd? The Great Cats World Park Show can come to your event!!

Great Cats Show performs in Big Horn

These rare and magnificent creatures, our feline ambassadors, can turn any event into an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Not only will your event be a success, but you'll be learning how you can help the survival of the extraordinary wild cats for generations to come.

The Great Cats World Park can bring a wide variety of cats and equipment to accommodate any size show, at any type of venue, outdoors or indoors. We travel with brightly colored backdrops and plants, to give a lush jungle feel to any stage. We provide all the props for the cats, from perches, to large and small trees for the cats to climb on. Our portable sound system is state of the art, complete with wireless microphones and sound effects unit. The Show plays theme music for each cat's performance as well as a variety of live sound effects to enhance each performance. Greats Cats also has a collection of educational materials; from skeletons to pelts, to rain forest displays.

Please please email or call us at (541) 592-2957 for more details.

Here are some of what our audiences have to say about our shows:

  • LOVED IT!!
  • I score it a 10 10 10 10 10.

The cats at the Great Cats World Park have captivated audiences across the country at festivals, wildlife parks, AZA (American Zoological Association) institutions, schools, art, and sports shows and many other civic events.

Special Events

Renaissance Festivals:    Fairburn, GA, Larkspur, CO, Tallahassee, FL.
Sportsman/Outdoor Shows:    Chicago, IL., Milwaukee, WI., Minneapolis, MN., Des Moines, IO., Kansas City, MO., Harrisburg, PA., Philadelphia, PA., Chantilly, VA., Worchester, MA., Rochester, MN., and in Oregon: Eugene, Roseburg, Medford and Coos Bay.
County and State Fairs:    Lane County Fair, Eugene, OR., North Iowa Fair, Mason City, IO., State Fair, Minneapolis, MN., State Fair, Salem, OR.
Hundreds of School lectures throughout the USA!
Art Shows, Kidfests, Zoo Fundraisers, Museums, and more...

Vitual Tour

Take a tour of Great Cats World Park virtually. Coming soon...