The Oncilla

Scientific Name: Lepardus tigrinus 
IUCN Status: Vulnerable
Weight: 3-8 pounds

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The Oncilla is also known as the Little-spotted Cat and the Tiger Cat, and can be broken down into 2 subspecies; northern and southern. The Oncilla is the second smallest tropical Latin American cats, with a slender, light built body about the size and proportions of a young, lean domestic cat. Fur colour ranges from shades of pale to dark buff or ochre marked with orderly rows of black or bark brown blotches or small rosettes with a coffee-brown or reddish centre. 


Prey items are typically very small. Prey includes small rodents, shrews, small opossums, small birds, and reptiles. Invertebrate often appear in scats but do not contribute to energetic requirements. 


The reproduction is unknown from the wild and limited information is available about captive individuals. Captive management has shown that gestation lasts between 62-76 days with a litter size of 1 to 2 kittens.

Geographic Range

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