The Margay

Scientific Name: Leopardus wiedii
IUCN Status: Near Threatened
Weight: 5-11 pounds

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The Margay is the size of a lean domestic cat, with a slender, light built body and a very long, thickly furred tail with a tubular appearance. The front paws are hefty with large, splayed digits. The head is compact and round with large ears and distinctive, very large eyes. The body fur is dense and soft, ranging in background colour through shades of greyish-buff, ochre, tawny, and cinnamon-brown with cream or white underparts. They have rich, large, dark rosettes and blotches that usually coalesce into long stripes on the head, nape, and back. The Margay is an excellent climber and is possibly the most arboreal of all felids with several anatomical adaptations for arborealism.


Dietary records and direct observations are limited but do show evidence of arboreal hunting. Prey includes small primates, small rodents, shrews, small marsupials such as mouse opossums, and hares. 


This is unknown in the wild. Captivity has surprisingly low reproductive rates relative to its size. Reproduction is aseasonal. Gestation is 76-84 days with a litter size of 1, very rarely 2.

Geographic Range

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