The Geoffroy’s Cat

Scientific Name: Leopardus geoffroyi
IUCN Status: Least Concern
Weight: 4-17 pounds



There are up to 4 subspecies described for Geoffroy’s Cats, which vary greatly in color and size. They are the largest of the South American temperate zone small felids with females ranging in size from 3-5 pounds, and males ranging from 5-10 pounds. In some areas they are often confused with related species, the Kodkod or Pampas Cat.


Small vertebrates make up 78-99% of the Geoffroy’s Cat’s diet. In most populations the diet is dominated by small rodents and birds. Larger prey items such as hares and small monkeys are included.


Little information has been gathered from the wild, but Geoffroy’s Cats are considered to breed seasonally, with births occur during December and May. In captivity, they tend to breed year round.