The Asian Golden Cat

Scientific Name: Catopuma temminckii
IUCN Status: Near Threatened
Weight: 17-35 pounds

Wildcat Portrait


The Asian Golden Cat is a medium sized, robustly built cat with a relatively long, slender tail. The coat is highly variable, usually golden-brown to rich russet-brown but varying from pale tawny to dark coffee-brown and dark slate-grey. Uniformly coloured individuals are largely unmarked except for rich facial stripes and spotting on the chest, belly, and inner limbs some individuals are marked on the body with indistinct blotches against the pale background giving a faint marbled or’watermarked’ appearance. A richly spotted morph with light greyish fur and large russet blotches with dark borders has been recorded. Completely melanistic individuals occur, Except in black individuals, the underside of the tail is conspicuously bright white with a dark upper tip. Three subspecies of the Asian Golden Cat are usually described, largely on the basis of pelage differences which are likely to survive scrutiny by genetic analysis.


Confirmed prey includes a variety of small to medium-sized vertebrates. Rodents are likely a mainstay of the diet. The largest confirmed prey taken by this cat was a Dusty Leaf Monkey weighing around 14lbs. Other prey includes mouse deer, Asiatic Brush-tailed Porcupine, birds, medium sized ungulates, snakes, and lizards

Habitat and Distribution:

The Asian Golden Cat occurs along the southern slopes of the Himalayas from extreme eastern Nepal throughout southern Bhutan and north-east India, across southern and south-east China, south-east Bangladesh, through most of South-east Asia and on Sumatra. They are not found in Borneo. These cats are primarily found in forested habitats, including lowland and upland rainforest, dry deciduous forest, evergreen forest, and montane forest. It is occasionally recorded in more open habitats including thick scrubland, scrub-grasslands, and upland mosaics or dwarf bamboo-grassland, and dwarf rhododendron-grassland.


This is unknown from the wild. In captivity, reproduction is year round and gestation lasts 78-81 days. The litter size is typically 1, rarely 2, and exceptionally 3 kittens.