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About Us

About the Park

Nestled into the Siskiyou Mountains in beautiful southern Oregon, & conveniently located along the historic Redwood Highway. Great Cats occupies 11 acres, with room for future expansion. This privately owned facility opened to the public in 2005 and is currently home to over 50 individual cats representing 17 different species and subspecies.

Not only are we educating the public and advocating conservation, but we are actively participating in the preservation of threatened and endangered species. We cooperate with the SSP program, breeding some of the most endangered cats in the world.

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The whole idea of the park was conceived in the autumn of 1983 as a result of a chance encounter. Our founder met a cougar at a roadside game farm, and from there developed a deep love and respect for cats of all kinds. Fascination led to research and study, which blossomed into a desire to share his experience in such a way as to bring awareness and understanding for these magnificent animals into the public eye. From the founder, "The cats are so special; I felt a park devoted to them should exist." Construction of the park began in 2003 in a vacant field south of Cave Junction, Oregon. Since opening to the public in 2005 the park has hosted more then 120,000 visitors.

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What Sets Us Apart

Throughout the day, fully guided walking tours lasting approximately an hour and a half, allow our guests an entertaining and educational experience. Tour guides interact with the cats, bringing out their natural instinctive behaviors through positive reinforcement, all while discussing the varied habitats and life cycles of cats from around the world. Guests enjoy an up-close personal view as each cat is invited to approach the front of his or her exhibit.

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Our Mission

Felines are among the most endangered of all mammal species, and many of them are facing extinction. Our mission is to help raise public awareness and support for cats of all kinds, and to help people understand and appreciate the vital role played by predators in the wild. In addition, Great Cats World Park actively participates with various captive breeding programs to help assure that these amazing creatures are not lost forever.


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Future Plans

Construction for Great Cats World Park is far from complete. In the days ahead, we look forward to enhancing our exhibits and adding more of them. We would like to add a restaurant to the amenities we offer our guests. Looking beyond our own backyard Great Cats will engage in the support of global habitat conservation projects and field research to assure the future survival of the top predators on earth ~ The Cats.