The Ultimate Fieldtrip

Did you know? Great Cats World Park can accommodate school groups. Fun, fascinating and oh, so educational, your students will be talking about their trip to Great Cats all year. Our knowledgeable and friendly guides will take you and your students on an adventure through the exciting world of cats, both large and small.

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Private photography tours make great gifts!


Have you ever gone to a zoo to take pictures and you either can't find the animal and its always sleeping? What about those fences always getting in the way of your shot? How would you like to photograph cats without those issues? Great Cats offers photographers at all levels the chance to do just that.

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Tag your photos with #greatcatsworldpark and share your Great Cats pics & experiences with our online community!


We have over 40 cats residing at the park, representing 17 species and subspecies.

27919 Redwood Highway,
Cave Junction, OR 97523
(541) 592-2957

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