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Guide Book Now Available

Finally, after several years of saying, "We really should have some sort of book about the Park", it has finally happened.  Now available in our gift shop, we offer a full-color, fifteen page Official Visitor's Guide.  It gives a brief overview of Great Cats World Park, descriptions of the cats species you can learn about during your visit, and lots of pictures of our resident cats.

This is definitely only the first publication, as we can already see things we would like to add and change for the next time around.  I suppose that makes this issue a limited edition of sorts.

We selling them for $4 each, and we hope you like it as much as we do.



10 year anniversary celebration

In 2005, Great Cats World Park opened it's gates for the very first time.  Since then, more than 120,000 people have visited the park, learning about our natural world and delighting in the wide variety and personal experience of the fully guided tour.  We are humbled, grateful, and hopeful that we can invite you back again in 2025.


But for now...  May 30th and 31st, from 10am-6pm, come meet the cats and their keepers, see photos from days gone by, and enjoy admission prices from 2005.  Only $10 for adults and $7 for children this weekend only!


2017 Staff and Interns

Great Cats World Park is growing every year.  We see more visitors and thereby require more staff annually, and as a result also have room for more interns who are seeking future careers in fields ranging from veterinary to research, and from zoo keeping to education.  Our quiet winter season is the ideal time to speak with potential future members of our small and intimate staff.  This is when we can easily schedule interviews and job-shadow days.

Most of our staff started with us as either interns or volunteers.  Due to the nature of any facility that houses large predators, a lot of time and focus is spent on teaching safety protocol.  An internship with Great Cats World Park is comprehensive, hands-on, lengthy, and unpaid.  A successful completion of the internship does not necessarily lead to a paid position with us, but it will leave the intern with a wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience that proves invaluable as they move forward into their chosen career path.  Interns and Keepers see to the daily care and feeding to the resident cats, and they become the face of the park as knowledgeable and accommodating tour guides.  The interactive tour offered at the Park is not just a source of our funding, but also our way giving back to the world through public education.  A candidate's ability to learn and faithfully recall the tour script is paramount to his or her success, and that of the Park.

Below is an outline of projects, activities and tasks that can be expected as part of any normal day.  This is a living document, and much like the Park itself will change and grow as time moves forward.


  • ·       Safety protocol – Display an understanding of safety rules in regard to maintaining distance from enclosures, and operation of guillotine style doors and double-lock door system.  Identify and know the location of tools and equipment such as fire extinguishers, two-way radios, and watering implements.  Develop an understanding of all the safety guidelines provided in the Employee Handbook.
  • ·       USDA standards and regulations in regard to keeping and exhibiting large felids.
  • ·       Basic feline husbandry including diet preparation and feline nutrition, cleaning and disinfection of enclosures, and proper use of tools, materials and substrates.
  • ·       Enrichment for exotic felines, including mental and physical stimulation with an understanding of what dangers may lie in the use of improper materials, timing, or introduction of enrichment.
  • ·       Public speaking and education – Learn the full script and enough ancillary information on the park’s resident cats and other cats both in the wild and in captivity so as to further the interests of endangered species worldwide.
  • ·       Breeding of exotic felines in accordance with the Species Survival Plan (SSP), as well as what animals beyond felines are involved with the SSP and its history.
  • ·       Observe captive feline behavior so to recognize and understand any changes in behavior that may indicate changes in health or wellbeing.
  • ·       Actively participate in daily behavioral adjustment of captive felines by learning to control your own body language and verbal cues when interacting with cats as a part of the guided tours.
  • ·       Zoonotic diseases – Learn the most common ailments likely in a captive environment, and how to recognize signs.
  • ·       Animal health assessments - Know what to look for in eyes, ears, gait, stools, eating habits, weight, and what changes in behavior and physiology might tell you about the cat’s overall health.
  • ·       Enclosure design – Both for the wellbeing of the cat and the safety of the public and the keepers.
  • ·       When applicable: assist in handling of cubs, bottle feeding, manual elimination, and bathing.
  • ·       Assist in welcome center/gift shop – To include expediting tour groups, public relations, maintaining the cleanliness of the public areas, cash handling, inventory control and security.


Those that are interested in pursuing an internship may contact the Park's Administrator, Traveler Hawk, by emailing her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In addition, for the 2016 Season, Great Cats World Park will be seeking a front-of-house manager.  This person would see to the daily operation and housekeeping of the gift shop, including inventory control, cleaning and cash handling.  The ideal candidate will be comfortable addressing the public and willing to work with the tour guides, interns, keepers and grounds crew to insure the smooth operation of the Park as a whole.  Weekend and holiday availability is a must, as are punctuality, problem solving skills, and a neat appearance.  This would be a part-time position.  Please send your resume with a cover-letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Extended Winter Hours

Park Image

Most years the Park rolls up the sidewalks and locks the gates in December, tucking in for a well-deserved nap.  This year has felt very different.  It may be all the new cubs in the Park, or it may be the unseasonably warm weather, or some combination thereof.  We are anticipating yet another pretty day on Saturday this week, so again, we'll open the gates for visitors in what is becoming a bit of a trend.  Watch for more openings as the month wears on, and remember you can always request a particular day, as long as you give us a few days notice.  We also still have openings for holiday events, photography sessions, and private tours, too.

Happy holidays, from Great Cats World Park.


Cubs born 8/15/14

We couldn't be happier to announce a pair of happy, healthy cubs and welcome them into the world.  Scooby and Chloe have gifted us with the first tigers to be born at Great Cats World Park.  One boy, one girl, and we are taking suggestions for names.  You can meet the cubs as a part of the regular tour.


2015 Internships

Entry level experience with exotic husbandry of any kind, and big cat management in particular, can be difficult to attain.  A summer working among the residents of Great Cats World Park is a rare opportunity for students and young professionals looking to attain that crucial hands-on experience.  Full time internships will be open to a select few applicants for the 2015 season.

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Great Cats Park Near CJ Roaring Good Time

At Great Cats World Park, a short distance south of Cave Junction on Hwy. 199, business has leaped from purring along to a full-bore roar - all in just a few months. With some 10 acres and 29 cats of 15 different species, including jaguars, snow leopards, black panthers, ocelots, tigers, Yukon Lynx, and lions, the park is already one of the largest cat parks in the world, said the owner, Craig Wagner.

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What is there for a kid to do in Southern Oregon?

While roughhousing with two of his Siberian tiger cubs, Craig Wagner loses track of their brother, Deisel. Until that is, the half-grown tiger rises on its hind legs behind Craig's back an wraps its paws the size of boxing gloves around his chest. Now Craig knows exactly where Deisel is. Deisel's claws, which can puncture a lung, are currently retracted.

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News Article from the Medford Mail Tribune

Let the show begin at Great Cats World Park. While owner Craig Wagner moved his pack of big cats to 10 acres just south of Cave Junction last summer, he has finally completed a giftshop, picnic area, additional safety fencing and a large gravel parking area that allows him to be open daily through the summer. The first full weekend of shows began Memorial Day weekend, and even without a lot of publicity, crowds turned out in force.

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