What Our Guests Say

Some of the many comments from the park guest-book

"My boyfriend and I stopped by and had one of the most greatest times. Definitely the highlight of our entire trip. Very informational and the cats were absolutely beautiful...can't even explain how much fun we had." Rachel and Cody, California

"What a great place, thanks to all of you! Steve Irwin would be proud. God bless this place." Gary and Rita Fritz

"Better than the Portland Zoo" Darrell Boyle, Oregon

"I absolutely loved it! Great job" Donna and Candice Chaffins, Ohio

"Super! Cats I've never seen before! Lia Adams and David Wall, California

"We love cats. It's wonderful to see how the cats are cared for." Lear, Texas

"Einsehr schoner Park!" Annemarie and Hans Sich, Germany

"My second wonderful visit." Lynette Owley, Oregon

"There are not enough words to describe how wonderful your exhibit is. Thank you. I hope to bring my children and grandchildren soon." Laura Kelly, Oregon

"Very educational! Enjoyed the tour." John and Judy Hallett

"Thank you for your lovely and kind show. Being so personal makes it even better. Thank you." P. Hackbery, California

"One of a kind show! Thank you!!" The Justmans, Oregon

"We loved it! Craig was awesome! Emily was also great. We look forward to coming again." Kristen and Ryan, Oregon

"Thank you Craig for sharing your life with us...Tammy, you're the best. Such great info. I'll remember your motto "show no fear!" You guys rock." Renny, Jan, Katie, Raechel, Ralph, Randi and Bryce, Nevada

"Amazing cats & wonderful people!" Amber Tallulah

"That was great! We come every year! Just love it!" Lisa, Jason and Sebastian Barker, Oregon

"What happy cats!" Darroll and Sarah Shannon `

"Great experiance!! Love the cats, love the staff!" Wendy and Kris Opray

"Great place, loved it alot" Jean Bascom, Maryland

"Tammy was great! She rocks!" Sara Krout

"A great display - wish you success" Stan and Joan Carpenter, California

"Exceptional display of animals" Jacq Wilson, California

"I'll recommend this stop!" Jean Yarbrough, California

"Love this place! The tours are great and so informative! We will definitely tell our friends and certainly come back!" Brian and Lisa Jacobson & kids, Oregon

"One of the coolest things I have ever seen!!" Paulla Iler, Washington

"The best and most informative tour ever" Jeanette Culkin, Arizonia

"Great tour, well worth the stop!" Rich and Tracey Adney, Oregon

"Loved it - thanks" Mikie Mage, Indiana

"Uma expirienua unica!! Parque excelente, o qual tive a chance de ver "cats" de rerto" (A unique experience, which I had the chance to see cats closer!!)" Gabrulla Chaves, Brasil

"Thank you for the work you do for wildlife." Brian, Karen, Kaitlyn and Benjamin Sullivan, Oregon

"Awesome tour - great job here. Thanks for supporting our wildlife." Julie, Dairrien and Jamie Pittman, Oregon

"We never knew all about cats till now!" Jill, David, Paula, Shawn and Nick Ramirez, Oregon

"Beautiful cats, just fantastic" Tom and Marilyn Lavender, Oregon

"Awesome! Daughter in love with lion" Newman Family, Nevada

"Thank you so much!! Keep up the good work. We'll be back..." DW and Joy Wood, Oregon

"Great place" Roberta Gutierrez, California

"Awesome, tour guide was great" Christine Woody, Oregon

"We are coming back every year! This was our 2nd time and this was better than the last! Thank you!" Alex and Rachel Matthos, California

"The tour was outstanding, thank you so much" Barbara, Norman and Ryan Clark, Oregon

"Great, great & great!!! More than we expected." Don and Mary Ann White, California

"Wow! Fantastic! Craig was awesome - very informative & very fun!!!" Scott and Nina Schulein, California

"Wonderful job! The cats are beautiful - we have thoroughly enjoyed this experience!" Bill and Monique Scott, Nevada

"Extremely interesting park. I enjoyed the cats' grace." Jordan T. Nelson, Hawaii

"Great to meet people with such enthusiasm and love of these beautiful creatures. You do a great job educating us. Thank you and God bless." Louis, Richard and Lindy Gagne, Whistler, British Colombia

"Best zoo/animal experience I've ever had. Will make it a point to return. Thanks!" Adam Crownover, Georgia

"It was absolutely awesome. We were able to get very close. It was very much enjoyed. Thanks a bunch." Christopher and Valerie Knighten, Oregon

"We love it here!!!!" Jonathan Smart, California

"This place is great! Beautiful cats, friendly and knowledgeable guides. Good luck with your future expansion! Susan Whetzel and Mike Angiletta, California

"This is one of the cleanest, friendliest facilities. Can't wait to come back." Austine, Kayleece, Nicholas, and Greg, California

"Love this place, well worth the money. Will tell many about this place. God bless you all for taking care of God's creatures." Parker and William Johnis, Vermont

"This was the BEST! I love your facility and what you do here. Christina is the best, nicest and most knowledgeable guide I've ever had! Thank you for the unforgettable experience!" Anisia Sisikim, Alaska

"Terrific tour - the cats are beautiful and staff very knowledgeable! Learned much and saw how really big they are!" Judy Hatch, CA

"It was the best thing we ever did on our 7 day vacation." Corey Blueregard, Utah

"Thank you for our very special and personal tour. Christina, you shared a wealth of knowledge with us and such a delight to have you as our personal tour guide! Blessings! Great!" Bodenhamers and Strykers,

"We really appreciated the educational info about the cats, natural habitat, and endangered status. Very interesting enjoyed very much will come again!" Chuck, Kateri, Makenna Harrison, CA

"Wonderful tour, fantastic animals! Thanks" Gary, Cindy, Jocelyn and Jonelle Rose, CA

"Great tour. Nice feeling here and well taken cat of animals with caring staff! Thanks!" Doris and Joe Stankunas, CA

"The best birthday ever - I could cry with joy!" Anne Pettergill, VA

"Great facility, happy, healthy cats. Thanks Craig and Co." Josh Jones, OR

"What an incredible experience up close and personal. The best of luck in your future!" Kim and Jessica Meyer, CA

"What an amazing place. The cats are gorgeous. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks! We'll be back!" Sprague Family, OR

"Excellent demonstrations!! Thanks for the trip into the unknown!!" Abbey Family, UT

"Once in a lifetime adventure. What an experience. I wish I could work with cats!"

"Fantastic! Look forward to the next visit!! I loved it!" Greg Huebner, OR

"We learned so many wild things! Thank you!" Haley and Cindy Moffat, CA

"Absolutely loved it, thank you so much...I'll definitely be back." Justine Johnson, OR

"I was amazed at your wonderful display! It was the most amazing wild animal show I have ever seen. Thank you." Sandy Wilson, OR

"Much better display than at big zoos. Real up close and personal. Sorry we forgot our camera, but we'll be back. Very informative guides." Harry and Lorraine Bradley, OR

"Loved the beautiful cats. Very informative guides. I shall fondly remember my trip here." Mary Marco, TX

"Extremely informative! Loved it!" Alexandria Connelly-Jones, OR

"Amazing. A must see!" Marilyn Nelson, OR

"Fantastic. You can sure tell you take the best care of your family here."

"What an awesome tour - the trainers so natural, friendly and knowledgeable. The best show ever!" Susan and Alysha Klaus, OR

Good Luck! We are so lucky to have you and your wonderful animals here." DR Noon, CA

"Really enjoyed the dedication you showed to the animals and to we the people thank you." Dejay, Craig, and Debbie Heath, CA

"We saw you at the sportsman show in Roseburg this fall and had enjoyed that show also." The Hoogerhyde's, OR

"Very educational, "Personal" and fabulous!" Tom and Carrie, CA

"This is so wonderful, I will tell all I know and keep in touch. Thank you! God Bless!" Nancy Cook, WA

"I enjoyed my visit!" Victoria Fulcher, OR

"This place is AMAZING!  Best wild cat place in the U.S.!"

"Very great!  Was worth the three hour twisty trip from Redding."

"Excellent tour, very knowledgable staff.  Well worth the price of admission."

"Great to finally meet our neighborhood wildlife that we hear @ night!  Especially on the Full Moon!  Give thanks for such an amazing experience!"

"Wonderful" Rex and Jane Dimoff, CA

"Excellent experience" Robert Shattuck, Karrie Baker, and Joshua, OR

"Great Park (Thanks)" Riley Family, CA

"Great place. Looking forward to coming back!"

"Quite awesome! Best tour!"

"Great time! Nice tour."

"We are huge cat lovers and this was a great experience." Tim, Shannon, Tommy, and Wednesday Burke, OR

"We like how you talk to us and not just sound like you are reading from a script." Ty, OR

"What a great experience for the kids! You've done a great job --- We'll be back!! Thank you!" Marie, Devon and Sarah Heigel, OR

"Fantastic the best wildlife park we've ever seen!!" Donna, Gord and Kevin Smith, Alberta

"Absolutely Great! I was coming from Minnesota just to see the cats!" Elaine, Darayl, Kyle and Hali Tasler, MN

"Excellent! Save the big cats!" Darrell Barnes, OR

"It was very great! The animals look good! Totally awesome! Thank you!" Lori Simrell, WA

"Great show! Thanks!!" Jim, Mary and Mike Windsor, OR

"Best show and very educational. Thank you" Lucy Hunt, CA

"Awesome details and information and 1:1's. Keep the animals as natural as you have. Will inform others of your place here!" Marguerite Clark, OR

"Awesome, well worth the money. Will tell others to come here. Thanks!" Dave, Julie, Kerrign and John Britt, OR

"Craig, was a very entertaining and knew what he was talking about. Thanks!"

"Thanks and continue the great work you do to protect these magnificent creatures! Keep up the great work! I like what I saw!" Gil and Sally Garcia, WA

"Most amazing animal park ever..." CA

"Great work. Happy cats and very informative guides." Dave and Bev Winchester, OR

"It was purrrfectly awesome." Richard and Shaton Gerfen, CA

"Great thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!" Chad, Angie, Thea, and Emma Jorgenson, CA

"Very clean." Marie Gibson, OR

"Great tour and great price for all you get to see." Dave and Jill Johnson, OR

"Excellent...very informative." Judy Oachs, Canada

"Loved the tour, very friendly people and informational for the whole family. Thank you!" Brent and Gayle Dubrvil, CA

"Thanks so much for all your care and efforts to keep these wonderful species thriving!" Rachel, OR

"Wonderful job! Thank you for all the important work you do!"

"This was truly great nice to see the cats so happy! Good Job!"

"Never have I seen such great behavior in animals!" Jim and Kathy Lombardo, OR

"We truly enjoyed it, we will think about it for a long time...Too many good things to say...don't know where to start...cats inaction; the black leopard demo and standing cats; another dimension to these marvelous created creatures." Erik, Ulrica, Mia and Max Leisten

"Amazing really informational!" John and Adean Burnett, GA

"What a great place, keep up the awesome job! Thanks!" Ryan Murray, OR

"Great place to be able to get up close to the cats. Guides have so much info that they share." Marty and Sandy Robb, Oregon

"Great job with the cats - we loved it!" Dwayne and Carmen Moser, California

"Very informative, way cool!" Kathy Jamison and Hannah Porter, Oregon

"I really enjoyed this place. It was fun and I have never been so close to a big cat before. Thank you for this adventure!!! It was great."

"Lara Beth Taylor, Oregon

"Excellent, Top Class facility." Cory Laughlin, Oregon

"Interesting and Wonderful!" Charlene Messner

"I went through twice. The most interesting and up close experience I have ever had with animals like this. Everyone did a great job and I will be back. Good Luck with everything." Trey Shannon, California

"Craig you're Tim Allen cat style very wonderful!!" Kent, Carol, Katie and Brendan, Wyoming

"Thank you for the wonderful animals and for caring for them so well. Excellent and informative narratives. Really A+++" Penny and Roy Vichi, Oregon

"We liked Christina and Craig. They were awesome and kept us laughing." Monica Fierro, California

"Thank you so much. Best animal tour we've ever been on. Wonderful tour guide." Carolyne and Dave Folger, Kansas

"Great! Fantastic! Exciting!" Brummetts, California

"Awesome, It was so cool to meet such a famous person. Cats were in awesome shape nothing like a zoo it's going to be impressive when done." Stephen and Eric Fagoaga, Nevada

"So much better than any other cat exhibition that I've ever seen." Allison Wonderland, California

"Beautiful, Learned a lot, Awesome!" Julie and Jerry Tucker

"Very Impressed! We'll be back again and again and again! Keep up the great educational work!!" Robin Early, Oregon

"Went on 2 tours! Awesome!! You're the Best!" Donna Call, California

"Your cats were the most awesome thing to see. We truly enjoyed our visit and we'll be back." Jackson and Brantley, California

"The cats were absolutely beautiful and the tour was awesome!" Jaimi and Ryan Dennis, Hawaii

"Very wonderful, Great all the way around!" Rev. Wendell Owens, Oregon

"Great! Great! Great!" Sarah and Marissa Arroyo, Oregon

"Wow, What an awesome show! Thanks!" Destinie Arnett, Oregon

"Best Cat Show/Tour ever!!" Kristi, Darrell, and Tyler Colson, Idaho

"What fun!! And so interesting!" Mel and Judy Miller, Oregon

"We had a great time, Very exciting! Educational! Wow!" Steve and Colleen Harding, California

"Awesome Tour! Great Info and Real Interesting!" The Sprinkle Family, Florida

"Thank you for sharing your cats with our family. What a unique experience. They're truly beautiful!" The Campbell Family, Oregon

"Wonderful demo and beautiful animals!" Pam, Ray and Jessica Molcrzycki, Washington

"Lived up to all our expectations - look forward to more!" Jay and Sharon Groseback, California

"Super cats, Well cared for!" Bob and Linda Cornyn, Washington

"Great entertainment and informative!" Deeanne and Evelyn McGaugh, Oregon

"Wow! So amazing! The lion really scared me!! But it was cool! Christina was so awesome!" Alyss Depp, Oregon

"It's amazing, can't wait for the new attractions due to come." Edna Faye and R.J. Kiser, Kentucky

"Wonderful" Ashton Hernandez, Idaho

"Excellent" Wayne and Tanya Frost, California

"Cool! Awesome! Powerful!" Idaho

"Good Luck, We will tell our friends! Thanks for personalizing the experience for my grandkids!" Marie Phielips, Oregon

"Fab afternoon, thanks!" Jim Moe, Scotland

"The most incredible experience of my life!" Nicholas Bobo, Oregon

"Fabulous!" Jacob and Allison Patrin, Nevada

"Great Tour, would like to work in a place like this!!" Theresa Stambough, Nevada

"Thank you very much for the wonderful experience! You are great Craig!" Stacee

"Craig: You do amazing things with the big cats! One of the greatest animal shows that I have ever seen! You are a master at your profession! Thanks!" Bill Stone, Alaska

"Best by far, so far!!" J. Davis, California

"...Your cats are so well taken care of and content, that is was clear to us these wild animals are in great hands..." Marco and Julie Kellenhefer, California

"We loved it!!  We have been wanting to come here for so long & we finally made it!  Such an amazing place."

"Your tour guides are amazing!"

"I enjoyed my entire experience.  Interesting and informed tour guide.  She made me feel like I was in a special place, one of majesty and mystique."  Denise Duncan, MA

"We had the most wonderful day today.  Our guide was very knowledgable.  We were amazed!  Thank you for a wonderful day!"

"Your cats are beautiful.  Glad to see your cats are your kids.  You do an amazing job with them, giving them space and respect yet still love"

"Loved it, definitely a memory I will hold close!  What a wonderful thing you are doing here - our tour guide was fabulous!"

"Great job of helping preserve these beautiful cats!!!  Thank you."

"Fantastic!  Blew my expectations out of the water - will definitely recommend to friends!  Thanks!"

"What a surprise!  We had no idea what a wonderful educational experience we would stumble on when we stopped here.  It was/is a fantastic place!"

"Awesome, interactive experience.  Better than any zoo."

"One of the greatest places on Earth!"  Carla Hamnes

"This place is amazing and makes an incredible difference in the world."    Zen

"I had the best time in my life.  We will certainly encourage others to come!"  Cody