Photographers & Videographers

The Great Cats World Park works with professional photographers, photography clubs and workshops, wildlife artists and amateur photographers. Our feline ambassadors are trained to pose for the camera. They have appeared in books, calendars, on posters and postcards, as well as enhanced many magazine articles. In 2005, the Parks' cats have graced the covers of over 25 different publications and calendars.

Our cats also specialize in snarling, leaping, jumping, running, and climbing. If you are looking for specific behaviors, call in advance so the trainers at the Park can prep each individual cat.

The Park houses many leopards - snow leopards, black leopards and rare Amur leopards. We have a large and rare collection of working felines, from big to small. Besides the usual Tigers, Lions and Cougars, we have many small unusual cats such as Servals, Caracals, Lynx and Ocelots.


We can provide many shooting locations as well as travel to many exotic locations. The Park is in wild and scenic Oregon. We have beautiful rivers, waterfalls, ponds, woods, rocky cliffs and outcroppings. Oregon is green and lush in the spring and summer, colorful in the fall and the mountains are blanketed by snow in the winter. We can match every cat to its original habitat.


The Park works with trained staff and felines. Although these animals are always wild, they have been acclimated to be comfortable in front of groups of people and to behave appropriately. Training our felines ensures that all shoots are stress free for the animals and the photographers.

Photographers should be in relatively good physical condition for extreme location shoots such as along frozen rivers, ponds, cliffs and waterfalls. Good footwear and clothing for all types of weather is recommended. Photographers take all responsibility for their equipment, clothing, and safety while shooting with our exotic felines. The Park requires all participants to sign a Liability Release Form and recommends that they carry their own accidental/medical insurance. The park carries a 2 million dollar insurance policy. Near our facility there are many amenities. Please see our link about other attractions and lodging in the area.